Utilize the Power of StumbleUpon to Drive Traffic to Your Site

By: Don Crowther

StumbleUpon is an amazing site in terms of driving traffic. Basically, people sign up for StumbleUpon, they indicate which topic areas they are interested in, then load a toolbar and vote on which sites they like and which ones they don’t.

But where it really gets interesting is that members can, at any time, click on a Stumble button and be taken to a page that fits their areas of interest. In fact, so many people do that StumbleUpon has become a major traffic source for many sites, especially those that have some kind of interesting or entertaining linkbait associated with them.

For example our data for www.StomperBlog.com shows that, other than direct and internal traffic, the number 2 source of traffic for that site is StumbleUpon!

And that we actually get more traffic to that site from StumbleUpon than from Google!!!

Hmmm... maybe this IS worth paying attention to.

And that traffic isn’t worthless either. Our research has shown that it buys and clicks on ads at levels at rates that are usually at least equal and sometimes higher than other sites.

So, here’s what’s happening for your site right now, whether you’re a member of this service or not
• StumbleUpon members who come to your site are seeing it, and rating it either up or down
• They’re also adding reviews
• Some may be sharing your site with friends
• If your site is getting good ratings, StumbleUpon is including it in their list of sites that they feed out to people who click the StumbleUpon button. So you’re getting free traffic, with no effort on your part!

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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