Incorporate video into your actual sales process

By: Don Crowther

Many people think of online video as an entertainment and possibly a lead generation tool. And it’s great for that.

But never forget what it’s best at – selling stuff.
Come on, nobody ever does that, right?

Actually that’s not true. Video gets used thousands of times EVERY DAY to sell stuff. We call them “commercials” and they show up every 8 minutes on your TV. So why aren’t more people using video commercials as part of their selling process?

I don’t know, I’m clueless. That’s why I’m including this in this report. We’re seeing some amazing results when people include video on their sales pages. We’ve seen 15%, even 40% increases in sales simply by including a video on the sales page.

Now, I have to also state that we’ve also seen video decrease sales, especially when the video loads slowly, and/or replaces the image of the actual product on the sales page. So, video in and of itself is not the magic button. You still have to do it correctly. Testing is vital. But when you get all of the pieces correctly into place, it rocks!

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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