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By: Don Crowther is another great example of a site where you can post content, get it read by others, and get people to visit your site.

HubPages is basically an article publishing site, where you can set up an account, post articles or other content (hey, there’s even some poems up on this site!) and get great, quick search engine exposure for your pages.

But there are some other factors that make HubPages particularly interesting.

First, at least at this moment, it doesn’t nofollow links. So links, carefully and judiciously embedded, pass link value to your site.

Second, HubPages allows you to post sidebars above the fold and in other locations on your article.

One advantage that HubPages has over Squidoo is that could take less effort to build out a HubPage than a Squidoo lens, so you get a better ROI.

Another is that, while HubPages allows you to monetize your site like Squidoo, HubPages gives you a much bigger percentage of the revenues than Squidoo (60% of all the revenues you generate – they do this by showing your ad 60% of the time, and theirs 40%). That means that HubPages could result in a nice little check arriving in your account each month, in addition to the revenues you earn from getting more people to come to your site.

So, you can just do quick and dirty pages, or you can take things another step further, by putting a little more work into your pages to both add interest, and to try to become one of HubPages “featured pages” which will drive even more traffic to your pages.

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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