Utilize the Power of StumbleUpon to Drive Traffic to Your Site

By: Don Crowther

StumbleUpon is an amazing site in terms of driving traffic. Basically, people sign up for StumbleUpon, they indicate which topic areas they are interested in, then load a toolbar and vote on which sites they like and which ones they don’t.

But where it really gets interesting is that members can, at any time, click on a Stumble button and be taken to a page that fits their areas of interest. In fact, so many people do that StumbleUpon has become a major traffic source for many sites, especially those that have some kind of interesting or entertaining linkbait associated with them.

For example our data for www.StomperBlog.com shows that, other than direct and internal traffic, the number 2 source of traffic for that site is StumbleUpon!

And that we actually get more traffic to that site from StumbleUpon than from Google!!!

Hmmm... maybe this IS worth paying attention to.

And that traffic isn’t worthless either. Our research has shown that it buys and clicks on ads at levels at rates that are usually at least equal and sometimes higher than other sites.

So, here’s what’s happening for your site right now, whether you’re a member of this service or not
• StumbleUpon members who come to your site are seeing it, and rating it either up or down
• They’re also adding reviews
• Some may be sharing your site with friends
• If your site is getting good ratings, StumbleUpon is including it in their list of sites that they feed out to people who click the StumbleUpon button. So you’re getting free traffic, with no effort on your part!

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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Place content on HubPages.com

By: Don Crowther

Hubpages.com is another great example of a site where you can post content, get it read by others, and get people to visit your site.

HubPages is basically an article publishing site, where you can set up an account, post articles or other content (hey, there’s even some poems up on this site!) and get great, quick search engine exposure for your pages.

But there are some other factors that make HubPages particularly interesting.

First, at least at this moment, it doesn’t nofollow links. So links, carefully and judiciously embedded, pass link value to your site.

Second, HubPages allows you to post sidebars above the fold and in other locations on your article.

One advantage that HubPages has over Squidoo is that could take less effort to build out a HubPage than a Squidoo lens, so you get a better ROI.

Another is that, while HubPages allows you to monetize your site like Squidoo, HubPages gives you a much bigger percentage of the revenues than Squidoo (60% of all the revenues you generate – they do this by showing your ad 60% of the time, and theirs 40%). That means that HubPages could result in a nice little check arriving in your account each month, in addition to the revenues you earn from getting more people to come to your site.

So, you can just do quick and dirty pages, or you can take things another step further, by putting a little more work into your pages to both add interest, and to try to become one of HubPages “featured pages” which will drive even more traffic to your pages.

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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Big Direct Traffic

By: Don Crowther

Your social marketing campaign will also drive big traffic DIRECTLY to your site from the social media sites, and that's huge. After all, that's really the holy grail, isn't it? We all want more traffic to our site, right?

Well, remember... these social media sites have more traffic than Google. And if you use the right strategies and tactics to put yourself in front of that traffic, then you don't have rely on Google to get traffic to your sites. And you don't have to worry about expensive AdWords campaigns, or other advertising.

Of course, let's be real... just because you start getting big traffic directly from the social media sites doesn't mean you will abandon your Google rankings and stop all advertising. What it means is that you will be getting a lot more traffic, and the average cost of that traffic will plummet down to levels that are more like 1998... there's that “back to the future” stuff I've been talking about.

And here's why we're so excited about social marketing (and our SMARTS technologies)... in this new frontier, Social MARKETING can spike your traffic FAST, and if you do it right, you get LONG TERM Search Engine traffic too. It's really the best of both worlds.

I mentioned this example in the video... Photobucket generates 55% of their traffic from their Widgets and applications on MySpace and Bebo, and it's now replaced Flickr as the largest photo sharing site in the UK. Why? Because for a variety of reasons Flickr didn't properly use social media and only gets 2.4% of its traffic from social media sites. What a great example of "you snooze you lose!"

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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Is It Too Late?

By: Don Crowther

This is the weird thing... lots of people actually think that it's too late to get the jump on those big name social media sites. They think that you needed to get onboard months or years ago to have first mover advantage. Well, the truth is, most marketers haven't even BEGUN to understand how to use them, let alone hit their true potential.

This is the bottom line: we're talking about a HUGE flood of Internet traffic AND attention... and it's all sitting there, waiting for you to tap into it.

So the real question is how do you market to that starving crowd? How do you put yourself and your business in front of that traffic and that attention?

Well here is the SUPER KEY POINT... and this is why this is one of those once in a lifetime defining moments for you and your business...

It's just like back in 1996 when you could submit your site to Inktomi and get listed that same day...

TODAY if you know the correct strategies and tactics for Social Marketing, you can grab nearly INSTANT traction on these social media sites... the very sites that are collectively getting MILLIONS of new users every month.

As I mentioned earlier, this opportunity won't last forever. It's easy pickings now... but that window will start to close in the next 12 to 18 months. But if you get there now you will have a HUGE first starter advantage.

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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First, let's look at traffic.

By: Don Crowther

You probably already know that traffic to social media sites has exploded over the last three years. But not many people know just how explosive that traffic really is. Let's look at a few facts...

First off, let's look at some hard data from Alexa.com... I showed these charts in my “No Secrets” video, but they're important enough to take another look at – and it's easier this way when they're not flying by in a video.

Let's start with Facebook... it seemed to come out of nowhere, and now it has almost as much traffic as

Now let's look at Myspace vs Google... you can see that Myspace actually beat the mighty G during much of 2007:

And did you realize that YouTube has almost twice as many monthly page views as Google?

And look at the trends on the graphs. Remember, these social media sites are growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, they are pretty much doubling every six months. Just imagine where they're going to be in a year or two.

Here's something else that's going to make you sit up and take notice...

According to Comscore, a highly trusted global Internet research company, in a typical month:
• Just under 2/3rds of everyone who goes online worldwide, visits MySpace
• And 29% of them visited Facebook
• 35% of them visit YouTube
• And 27% of them visit Wikipedia

And like I just mentioned, this all becomes even more important when you realize that the number of active users for most of the social media sites doubles every 6 months.

Facebook is currently adding more than a million visitors every week!
And this is not just a bunch of kids. Well over half of all MySpace visitors are older than 35. And a huge percentage of the growth at Facebook is coming from adults. There are now over 100,000 Facebook users who are older than 64!

And I mentioned this in the video... it's important is to realize that social networking is much larger than the MySpace and Facebook sites that most people think about. In fact, our SMARTS database now contains over 1,920 different social media sites. And we add more nearly every day.

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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Smorty.com - A Review

When it comes to blog advertising, and from the endorsement of my online friends as well as my personal review, I could best recommend at you the smorty.com.


It's because smorty has the world's largest network of high-quality blogs. Each and every blog, including mine(freebiztraffic-arsenal.blogspot.com), has undergone a careful review before accepting them in their advertising network. Thus, making it sure the participating blog sites had a quality targeted traffic.

It has a two-way collobarative approach:

1. being an advertiser - wherein you could write articles on your products or services with a link of your site and thru smorty it could boost your search engine traffic with quality, relevant articles and links from thousands of blogs.

2. being a blogger - wherein you could make money by writing opinion about people's products or services and by pay-per-click advertising on your blog to generate residual income. Smorty will pay you directly to your Paypal account.

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Give Away Free Ebooks

Ebooks are books that are made available in an electronic format. The beauty of ebooks is they cost virtually nothing to produce and distribute. Ebooks initially became popular as the perfect format for information products being sold and delivered online, but they have now been recognized as a very effective resource for building traffic.

After you have written an ebook you can give it away to visitors as a reward for subscribing to your mailing list or newsletter. Your ebook for traffic building does not need to be the same number of pages as a full-length book. Many ebooks being used as free incentives are in the range of 12 to 25 pages.

You can even recruit related businesses and web sites to give away your ebook to their customers. The other site benefits because their visitors get something for free. And you benefit because you reach new readers with your information including a link to your web site.

Many ebook authors include a few advertising and affiliate links towards the end of their ebooks which can lead to additional revenue, especially if their free ebooks are heavily distributed.

Author: Daniel Moro, Daniel Moro's Online Business Review

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Aweber.com - A Review

What is Aweber?

All I know Aweber is one of the pioneering provider of an email marketing software since it's founded in 1998. They had long time serving and helping small businesses automate their email follow up and newsletter delivery for website guests.

Currently over 41,300 and counting customers Aweber had serving, backed with their growing 30-person team who had a wealth of experience and knowledge about permission-based email marketing.

What are their advanced features?

They claimed that they could quickly create and run your campaigns with powerful and easy-to-use marketing tools.

Here the following are the essential Marketing Features, that form the core of an effective email marketing campaign:

1. Send Email Newsletters

2. Publish a Signup form to your website

3. Create Autoresponders

And being a netpreneur I'm fun of doing business with them thru their affiliate program, savoring its partnerships benefits:

1. recurring 20% commissions

2. recurring 10% commissions for sub-affliate sales

3. bi-weekly check mailing

4. no cost


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Hits4Pay.com - A Review

What is Hits4Pay?

As I understand it's an avenue where we could earn some good extra cash by simply viewing advertisers' offers. The company started in business since 1998, where they kept in maintaining one of the largest free membership website that helped their advertisers gained more exposure to their programs/services instantly by reaching their specific target market of their choice.

How does it work?

Hits4Pay is quite simple as one of the few companies which pays highest in such kind of industry.
Here are the following options for you to get paid:

1. Signup Reward: Get paid of $10 in your Hits4Pay account as soon as you signup for a free account.

2. Direct Income: Get paid of $0.02 for each advertiser's email that you read from us.

3. Direct Referral Income (1st level): Get paid of $0.01 simply by just referring them a few friends and earn $0.01 for each email that they read. And you will get also a credit for your direct referral reading emails.

4. Referral Income: (2nd level): Get paid of $0.01 when your direct referrals refer others, you earn $0.01 for them reading the emails Hits4Profit send them.

Imagine with their compensation plan, your income is leveraged and could add up to a substantial residual monthly income, by just simply reading your emails from them.

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Host4Profit.com - A Review

If you told me where soon I will host my blogsite, I definitely tell you that I'm confidence and have trust on the Host4Profit.com after my thorough evaluation. Not only that my trusted friends online, I met in business forums, have a good recommendation to me about it as the best preference over other hosting providers but a good avenue to act as an internet marketer.

Yes, I would be in your side that there are other hosting services out there on the net that are considered highly remarkable too. In fact I have something to mention to , but being an internet marketer or netrepreneur I would suggest to take a look of Host4Profit.com. I guess this would be suitable for us because you will not only avail its hosting service but most appealing is their affiliate program system. You may reach to the point wherein you won't even paying a dime to your website hosting because the cost would be handled by your commission earned.

How to turn our necessity into a Profit Machine?

We could make $10 dollars per month from every account we could refer to this Host4Profit.com
Here the following, the guidelines:
50 customers being referred = earn a profit $500 Per Month
100 customers being referred = earn a profit $1000 Per Month
1000 customers being referred = earn a profit $10,000 Per Month

The Host4Profit has also designed and provided us with Money-Making Plug-In Sites that let our friends and own family sign-up and begin making money immediately.

There are three options of products that allow us to keep a 100% profits:

1. eBay Secrets Revealed

2. Email Marketing Strategies Revealed

3. ebay Marketing Secrets

4. Internet Cash Machines

After sign-up of Host4Profit hosting account, you can take these all sites(enumerated above) and put them up on your domain and be in business instantly.

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Trafficswarm.com - A Review

I'd been using trafficswarm for almost 3 years time because of the good things it brought to me with my various internet business promotions - from affiliate programs promotion to selling ebooks or any good stuffs from the net.

I considered trafficswarm as passive but active with its results of driving visitors to your blog or site. Passive in the sense you may even earn a credits by just opening your internet browser or else just viewing others advertisement of your interest.

Whatever you opted to either opening your internet browser or viewing some other members advertisements you still have the way to earn credits.

Credits will be used for you to make your own advertisement more visible to other members. The more credits you have the more visible your ad will be and get more hits as well to your site or blog thus a greater percentage of conversion may happened.

How it looks like? See below...

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Free Store Club - A Review

What is Free Store Club?

Free Store Club has been described as a wordwide network of Internet store owners. You don't need to cost high to build an e-commerce site and have troublesome what products to sell. Because everything is provided at no cost at you in setting up an online store of your choice with a hundreds of product lines of your choice.

How does it work?

After your free sign up , Free Store Club will automatically create two websites on the internet that are only exclusively yours. The websites will be considered as your own sites with a unique internet address and a label of your name or business name right on the front page.

Here are the two mentioned websites:

1. Retail Internet Store - has a stocked with hundreds of products that whoever visitor may order at your convenient online store. You get profits from the order of your new customers or repeat customers for life.

2. Business Opportunity Website - this will serve you an avenue to earn a residual income by bringing people into this business and advise them to become a store owner like you.

Free Store Club committed that they will put our business always with a fully stocked and e-commerce enabled online store at free.

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GetRef.com - A Review

I considered GetRef.com a link exchange website with a better value that enable you to get more targeted referrals from your affiliate program of your endorsement, even without spending a dime for your promotion, just simply earning credits that determine the visibility of your program to other members of the said site.

The best thing I discovered from GetRef.com based on my evaluation is that you have an alternatives of earning credits at your choice. All I know it has three ways to earn a Getref credits:
1. earn credits by simply joing a program;
2. earn credits by simply clickling links; or
3. earn credits by simply referring members to Getref

Why there's a need to earn credits?

It's because once you have available credits you can the spend it to get other people join your programs.

Is there's a way to earn credits without a little effort?

Yes, because you could buy them if you don't want to earn them and this is a lot quicker and less hassle for you.

How could we benefit from this website?

You could spend your credits in two ways at your advantage:
1. buy referrals for your program, or
2. buy exposure for your link

I guess this would be helpful for someone who wanted to advertise their program or website at no cost with less hassle or little effort. Simply by earning credits and spend it for advertisement.

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Google Marketer's Playbook: Online Video Advertising

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AdlandPro.com - A Review

AdlandPro is considered as one of the most visited classified websites in the world. They offer free classified ads for everyone, which has the simplest way to advertise.

Not only that, they also offer a free traffic exchange advertising, a credits based program, wherein you will be given 500 Traffic Exchange credits at your first time of joining the said traffic exchange program. The idea of the program is simple, you display ads for other advertiser on your site, and in return, your ad is displayed to visitors on other sites. How often, will merely depends on your available earned credits.

You could even more easily make your own community web page to advertise your product or service in the Adlandpro Community (a free networking and lead generation system). You may use your community web page as the affiliate linked page to earn more credits thus promotes more visibility of your ads to other members.

The best I'm in favored of is their affiliate program, because you could even have unlimited ads per month if you join their affiliate program. It's so easy and totally free to become one of their affiliates.

And being an affiliate or a member you will get all the benefits below:
1. Get paid up to 25% commissions
2. Earn traffic credits
3. Get your ad displayed on the top of their pages
4. Get statistics on performance of your ads
5. Free promotional tools
6. Earn up to $1 from one click from displaying their pay per click results

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Sign-Profit.com - A Review

What is Sign-Profit?

Sign-Profit is said to be a part of Sign Network and known as a plug & play source of income. Basically their business is to connect customers and advertisers using their unique and non-standard concept.

How does it work?

After your registration with Sign-Profit you may do one or both of the following:
1. Get the banner code, or
2. Insert it into your signature

Sign-Profit, then, will pay you everytime someone is viewing your forum page or website with your post(s) or ads.

How much will you earn?

As of this date I found in my private log-in area that Sign-Profit generously gives you $1.55 dollars per 1000 impressions you made of their image block. It's simply a matter of how heavy is the traffic you've attracted to your website or forum posts.

Or, earn up to $0.99 for every friends who will signup under you.

How to start?

After your registration, just place the code provided to you at your private log-in area to your signature or website upon their validation or approval. Then, you will receive money for each impression or signup you've made.

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Drive Headquarters - A Review

DriveHQ is considered one of the largest online storage service providers operating since 2003 and has a full support promised at 24x7x365.

What DriveHQ offers?

It offers the following:
1. Online File Storage and Sharing
2. Online File/Email Backup
3. FTP and Email Server Hosting Services

It is being said that DriveHQ is primarily designed to meet the most demanding requirements of large enterprises and service operators.

I've been into use of DriveHQ since 2005 until now because of the benefits it brings to me. Thru DriveHQ I can now easily access my important files on the net wherever I go. Most especially I'm so amazed the feature I found out to be very appealing to me. The said feature is synchronization.

Imagine I could even access my computer folders or files in my office even weekends or holidays anywhere and anytime. Whatever changes either minor or major changes of one of the files I've set to synchronization will both be updated in my local storage(my computer) and DriveHQ online storage. No need for me to buy or bring a USB or any portable storage devices. Simply an internet connection will work and everything would be accessible from my computer hard disk by online. That's really a great feature I'm in favor of!

Furthermore, let me enumerate to you the DriveHQ's other features that you may take advantage of:
1. Drag-n-drop upload thousand of files, access from anywhere, anytime.
2. Backup your files and emails, easy, secure and automatic
3. Host your own FTP server/email server/website
4. Quick sharing with a URL link
5. Map DriveHQ folder

Is this FREE?

For personal use, I could best recommend you to avail its free 1GB storage upon free registration as well as the privilege given to earn on their affiliate program.

View FileManager Live Demo

Free Online Storage
Store, share and backup your files, anywhere, anytime
Drag & drop, super fast


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Resource-a-day.net - A Review

The Resource-a-day.net claimed that they are the world's first FREE Internet resource which has also a 100% opt-in mailing and affiliate program.

I don't know if this would be attested by my fellow internet marketers. But for me as I began my venture in internet marketing last 4 years as of this date, I could attest myself that Resource-a-day.net is claiming right. Because after my thorough surfing the net and given myself a project to discover a good free resources for internet marketers, I found Resource-a-day.net a one of a kind in terms of its business concept that period of time. I know I'm just looking at my own perspective, but that's what I could affirmed thru my experience.

How I benefited from the Resource-a-day.net?

Through their free subscription you could even access their daily free resource directly into your email. I treasured every bit of information being shared to its members thru their newsletters authored by internet experts. I learned a lot of tips and ideas about internet marketing at no cost at you worth most for internet newbies.

What's challenging?

Not only you benefited from their free internet resources of which you can't afford not to tell your friends. Doing that effortlessly you could even be rewarded in some good ways.

a. Upon signing up for free, you earn instantly $10 dollars.

b. By getting others to subscribe for free, you'll earn:
1) $0.40 per member that you sponsor(1st level).
2) $0.20 per member sponsored by the one you sponsor(2nd level)
3) $0.05 per member of your 3rd level
4) $0.03 per member of your 4th level!

The earning system mentioned above has 4 levels deep of which each level has unlimited width.

Therefore, the sky is the only limit of how many you will directly sponsor. Whatever you choose comfortable at you. You may sponsor 10, 50, 100, 1000 or 10,000.

For me it's fun and it's rewarding! Even, getting a hundreds to subscribe is easy.

Remember the subscription is free and you even get valuable free daily internet resource.

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FreeSurveyLeads.com - A Review

Free Home-Based Business Survey Leads

FreeSurveyLeads.com is a more specific niche of leads. The 100% opt-in leads are of business type related more specifically home-based business. For me the leads are of a great importance for a number of internet marketers, because the type of leads provided at free have a highest responsive rates for business opportunities endorsements.

What's the difference between Free-Leads.net compared to FreeSurveyLeads.com?

I guess they are just developed and maintained by one organization because of its reciprocate links showed at the bottom of each site.
But one thing I could stressed out about their difference - Free-Leads.net is more of a general opt-in leads while FreeSurveyLeads.com is more of a specific business target leads taken from a sort of business surveys.

What's the commonality?

They have in common about the assurance of 100% opt-in leads as well as the revolutionary viral system they both implemented. The viral system has been designed to help them promote their business and help us gain the benefits of dowloading their opt-in leads. It's a win-win situation for both the company and its members.

How we get more advantage of dowloading more leads from others?

Just be quick to step up on the highest level possible you could.
Here the following are the 5 achievement levels:

Level 1: Bronze (no referrals needed) = 25 free opt-in leads weekly

Level 2: Silver (refer 5 people) = 150 free opt-in leads weekly

Level 3: Gold (refer 15 people) = 100 free opt-in leads weekly

Level 4: Platinum (refer 30 people) = 200 free opt-in leads weekly

Level 5: Diamond (refer 50 people) = 400 free opt-in leads weekly

How could the company gain profits?

Simply, if somebody wanted to fast track his/her level to Diamond(gaining an access to dowload 400 opt-in leads weekly), he should avail the one-time upgrading offer to Diamond Level upon payment of a certain amount mentioned in their back office apart from other promotional offers. Thus, a good cash flow of profits will be gained by the company to keep them going into the business.

How to get started?

The 4-step process:

Step 1: You fill out the form provided in the site.

Step 2: Make sure to activate your account thru your email.

Step 3: Log-in and get your survey leads.

Step 4: Start referring others to move up to higher membership levels and get more leads by using your referral link(ex. http://www.freesurveyleads.com/?ref=3328)

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Blogger.Com in Draft - A Review

Yes, smart guys of Google running the Blogger.com have come to nearly publish their pride new blue color Blogger Logo.That for me signifies a big leap of advantage over others because of such a great enhancements of blogger thru its competitive advanced features being added to.

I personally tried the Blogger in Draft and discovered some amazing enhancements of which I salute to smart guys behind the development

What I immediately noticed was the new term for adding page element, it's already anew to 'add gadget'. I've found a numerous new useful gadgets that you couldn't imagine its numbers, being arranged in different categories such as:

1. Basics (number of gadgets: 19)
a) Blog List - show off what you read with a blogroll of your favorite blogs.
b) Slideshow - add a slideshow of your photos to your blog.
c) Subscription Links - let your readers easily subscribe to your blog with popular feed reader
d) Search Box - search over your blog, your blogroll, and everything you've linked to.
2. Featured (number of gadgets: 1)
a) Blogger Play - Blogger Play will show you a never-ending stream of images that were just uploaded to public Blogger blogs. You can click the image to
be taken directly to the blog post it was uploaded to, or click ?show info? to see an overlay with the post title, a snippet of the body, and some profile
information about the blogger who uploaded it.

3. Most Popular (number of gadgets: 45,959)
a) Search YouTube - A search module, which searches YouTube by tags.
b) Weather Forecasts - Live Weather. View local weather conditions and forecasts provided by WeatherBug. Enjoy a great international weather service right on your homepage. Simply edit the settings to enter your local city
c) This Day in History-This Day in History - daily pick by the editors of TheFreeDictionary.com

4. Newest (number of gadgets: 44,872)
a) Webmaster Search Engine - Webmaster Resources
b) Endangered Animal of the Day - Every day enjoy a new Endangered Animal Picture. This animals are adorable and must be protected.
c) Claude Monet Art of the Day - Every day enjoy a classic work of art by Monet. He was one of the founders of French impressionist painting and is generally considered to be the most outstanding figure among Impressionists. If you like fine art, you will love this gadget!

5. News (number of gadgets: 1,279)
a) Digg 2.0 - Discover the best news, images and videos as voted on by the Digg community, from the social news website Digg.com. You can now customize your Digg gadget by topic, and view more story information, such as comments and a friend's activity feed. Let us know what you think at feedback@digg.com
b) Wall Street Journal - Displays a Wall Street Journal front page from http://www.newseum.com (Cheers to Cameron Hall, whose National Geographic POD gadget was used as an example)
c) Reuters News in Pictures - Reuters News in Pictures - Live Updates! (unofficial)

6. Tools (number of gadgets: 4,480)
a. Wikepedia - A Wikipedia Search and Go widget. Language choice.
b. Thesaurus - Thesaurus Lookup using thesaurus.reference.com's database
c. Woot!Watcher - Never miss a Woot! again. This gadget will show you the Woot! of the day, or will allow you to track Woot-Off in progress. You can specify keywords to be alerted on when they show up on woot.com. --------- This gadget was created as a service for the Woot community, by a member of the Woot community...

7. Communication (number of gadgets:1,372)
a. Google Talk - See your contacts and send instant messages.
b. Skype - A free way to communicate with anyone.Skype is only for communication?? I have an idea to use it for reminding your friends. Remind what?? Anything. Sending happy birthday message, conference call, morning call...etc. Try it soon.. please refer http://yourjovi.googlepages.com/skype_help
c. TeleMessage SMS Sender - Send SMS text messages to mobile phones (including international) using the fast and easy auto-completion feature.

8. Fun & Games (number of gadgets: 2,827)
a. Hangman(word game) - word game provided by TheFreeDictionary.com
b. Breakout - A flash version of the classic game of breakout.
c. Air Hockey - This is a very addictive and high quality air hockey game in which you play a tournament against the computer!

9. Finance (number of gadgets: 330)
a. Google Finance Market Summary - 'The original' gadget view of Google Finance's Market Summary. NEW 8/31/2007: Support for Google Finance Canada, and custom height control! Why use my gadget instead of Google's own? More features! So be sure to Edit your settings! Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.
b. Stock Ticker - Live stock ticker, highly customizable. Real time quotes from Yahoo! Finance. Select your preferred indices and stocks and store it. Use symbols used by Yahoo! Finance.
c. Google Finance Sector Summary - 'The original' gadget view of Google Finance's Sector Summary. Why use my gadget instead of Google's own? More features! So be sure to Edit your settings! Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

10. Sports (number of gadgets: 233)
a. ESPN Tabbed Sports Feeds - Live News feeds from ESPN.com. Edit the gadget settings to view between 3 to 15 Headlines in each Category (Top Stories, NFL, MBA, MLB, NHL, Motorsports, Soccer, College Basketball, College Football, Outdoors.com, Bassmaster, Videos, Boxing, Golf, Autos). Choose long or short news summaries from ESP...
b. Sports Photos of the Day - Sports News in Pictures from Reuters (unofficial)
c. Live Customized Sports Scores - Displays scores for multiple sports, updated live through CBSSports (sportsLine.com). Create a free acount at cbs.sportsLine.com to customize.

11. Lifestyle (number of gadgets: 3,954)
a. This Day in History - Important events in history, brought to your desktop.
b. National Geographic Photos - National Geographic Photo of the Day
c. Top 5 movies at the box office - Get a list of top 5 hollywood movies at the box office this week

12. Technology (number of gadgets: 601)
a. Google Hot Trends - Watch the latest Google Trends live on your Google Destop or Google Homepage! Google keeps track about what people are searching for, updated each hour. This gadget displays these Top-100 search queries and also displays its hotness factor in color.
b. Hubble Images - Hubble Image of the moment
c. Astronomy Picture of the Day

And most of all you could add your own gadget, that's how flexible now and advance blogger has lifted to.

For more details you may view http://bloggerindraft.blogspot.com/

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Traffic Myth: More Traffic Equals More Profits

by: Jason Dolman
At first, this statement screams to you that it MUST be true. I mean, of course more traffic equals more profits ... right?

One of the biggest "myths" of online marketing and Internet promotion is the idea that more
traffic equals more sales -- not so!

All traffic is not created equally!

If you can't make money with 100 visitors a day, what makes you think you're going to do anything more than increase your bandwidth costs when you're getting 1,000 or 10,000 visitors a day?

The fact is, you need to target your message as closely as possible to your desired audience. You don't want to promote items for cat owners to people who only own dogs.

That's why you won't see any PPC ads showing up that offer products and tips on dogs when you search for “cat owner tips” into Google.

The cat owner isn't looking for information about dogs, they're looking for information about their cat.

In fact, the person used in this example is looking for very specific information.

Information that you can use to learn a lot about them and their intentions once they get to your site

They've type in “cat owner tips” and because of that, you already know a lot about them.

First, they're probably already a cat owner. Second, they're looking for some tips about owning a cat.

Just by typing those words into the search engine, this person has quickly separated themselves from those people searching for other information that's much more generic – cat, cat food, cat toy, and the like.

The person searching for “cat owner tips” is someone that you MUST have visiting your site.


They're much more likely to buy something than someone looking for general information about cats

Like I said, they probably own a cat already and want some guidance or they're thinking about it and could use the same information.

They have a question or problem, they're looking for a solution to fix it and are willing to pay for it.

There is a very simple equation:

More Buyers = More Profits

If you want to build a successful Internet business, you must generate more buyers to produce more profits and there are two ways to do that ...

Get More OF Them. Sell More TO Them.

To get more of them, you need to be able to sort the buyers from the rest -- don't worry, there's a way to do that and the example given above is just a glimpse.

To sell more to them, you need to uncover their needs and provide them with offers that solve their problems.

To truly be a successful niche marketer ...

You MUST Flood Your Site With Targeted Buyers

An excerpt from a Report: 7 Traffic Myths by Jason Dolman

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Squidoo - A Review

Squidoo is being told as a next door generation BIG social networking site apart from the well-known Myspace gigantic existence. Squidoo is said to be easy to use and, Yes!,so addictive when you get started. Because of its more appealing advance features and a wide-free of customization capability that designed for your advantage and for every members of Squidoo. A constant updates or add-ons of modules are provided for lenmasters discretion customizing their lenses.

Lensmaster is the alias for the one who created lens or webpages within Squidoo website. A Lensmaster could manage several lenses in one account, that can be accessed in a dashboard similar to any blogging provider site like blogger or wordpress.

What is the cutting-edge of Squidoo over other social networking site?

In squidoo your lenses are regularly ranked accordingly as controlled by the intelligent algorithm or formula the squidoo use in ranking lenses.The ranking number can be seen in the upper right corner of the len or webpage. This may rise or fall according to Squidoo's algorithm. They say that the ranking is based on the combination of the rating by other members, the reputation, the click-through rates, the frequency of updating the lens, the inbound and outbound links, and more top-secret elements inside the algorithm procedures.

Basically, your lense or webpage popularity is controlled of how other members view your lense at their perpective of interest. So this would poster a good and relavant content because the lensmasters are disciplined to write up or make a lense that is of interest or passion of other members in a specific category of interests or else they would get a low ranking thus give a poor traffic to your webpage.

Squidoo categorized their lenses or webpages based on the members field of interest or expertise. Some of the categories are Arts, Automative, Business and Finance, Politics, Recreation,..., and World.

Various of modules that are ready-made plug-n-play formats are available for all lensmasters for them to easily customize their lenses. Some of the modules are Amazon, ArtbyUs, BBC, BoingBoing, Buzz Machine, CafePress, Christian Science Monitor, Church of the Customer, Cool Tools, YouTube, Digg.., and Flickr Pictures.

And for some elements of Squidoo, the site would share profit with you - just like the Ads from Adsense, Ebay, Amazon, and CafePress, for instance. So, whenever, someone buys or clicks an adsense' ad, you get a commission, same thus with Squidoo. It's really a win-win approach for everybody!

In fact , a number of my Internet Marketers I know are fun of squidooing - the term they use to pronounce when they make use of squidoo lenses for the purpose of driving a targeted traffic to their websites, thus may in return give them a good profits. They best recommend squidoo as their best alternative choice in terms of an advance social networking site ever existence on the net.

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Free-Leads.net - A Review

"Get Your Free Leads Here!"

The above quoted statement is the tagline of the Free-Leads.net website that basically promote their business by giving away not only a free business leads but most importantly a targeted leads, known as Free Opt-in Leads.

They affirmed that the leads are 100% opt-in not only including the time and date stamp but also the following relevant data:

1. Full name
2. Mailing Address
3. Email Address
4. IP Address
5. Date Stamp

How to get the free leads?

It's very simple and easy because all you need to do is just fill up the free membership form. Then, you will be asked to confirm it thru your email address. After log-in, your leads will be waiting for you to download them.

Furthermore, they provide you a revolutionary viral referral system generating you a personal referral link. By referring others thru your referral link you get even more leads for you to download.

There are 5 level of achievement level of leads:

Level 1: Bronze (no referrals needed) - you get free 5000 opt-in leads per month

Level 2: Silver (refer 5 people) - you get free 10,000 opt-in leads per month

Level 3: Gold (refer 15 people) - you get free 20,000 opt-in leads per month

Level 4: Platinum (refer 30 people) - you get free 40,000 opt-in leads per month

Level 5: Diamond (refer 50 people)-you get free 80,000 opt-in leads per month

How do the company get into their business going?

Basically there are two ways to get more leads:

1. Purchase the Upgrade at $99.98 (one time) which will instantly move you to the Diamond Membership level instantly. And thru this the company could earn a profit and keep their business in operation. Plus several promotional tools they offer in their back office.

2. Free Upgrade by referring your friends, contacts and downline based on the 5 achievement level enumerated above.

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Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

Advert :

"Simple, Fool-Proof
Strategies You Can
Use Right Away For
Search Engine Success!"

If you're anything like me, you've probably created a brand new website, Submitted it to a few search engines and hoped that people would mysteriously show up at your site and buy whatever it is you were selling.

After a couple of weeks go by and only a few stray people show up at your website, you decide to try and "optimize" your website around your main keyword in hopes that you just might rank well in 1 of the millions of search engines. Another couple of weeks go by and still no luck.

At this point you probably give up and decide to either build another website around a different target market or just lose all hope and quit. Well, news flash, as you've probably figured out by now, this is not the way to go about doing things.

If you can get SIMPLE STRATEGIES to rank your website, will you be interested?

Let me introduce,
"Search Engine Optimization Made Easy"

In this amazing 90-pages ebook, you will learn:

- Importance of selecting the right keywords
- Secret of getting listing in Google within 24 hours!
- How to prevent getting banned by Google
- Is your site banned by Google? Here's how to get out of it!
- How to outrank your competitors

This is a MUST-HAVE ebook if you want to rank your website in a competitive world.

Download Link: seo_made_easy.pdf

(Bookmark this page.)

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MySpace Marketing Secrets Revealed


"Leverage & Cash In On The BIGGEST Social Networking Site On The Planet With A Pool Of Over 100+ Million Users And Still Growing!"

Read On To Discover How You Can Join And Be Part Of The Wave Of The Future In Social Networking And Use It To Promote Yourself And Explode Your Business To Achieve Greater Heights!


Dear Professional Info Marketer,

The web site MySpace.com has received a great deal of attention the last couple of years.

But what is this site REALLY all about?

The foundational purpose of this site is communication. MySpace.com provides a means for you to create your own little corner of the Internet and devote it to your interests. Then, you can invite other people who hold similar interests to come on board and interact with you.

MySpace boasts well over 100 million members, which is significantly larger than any of its competitors!

If That Isn't Enough...

* MySpace also gives you more freedom to search profiles than most of its competitors,

* They have dozens of different forums and groups that are related to specific niches. This allows you to find the exact people you need to invite as friends in order to sell your given product or service.

* They have superior communication mechanisms - large-scale bulletins and individual private messages allow you to choose the right medium that you need in order to convey whatever your message or pitch happens to be for a given product or service.

* They do not restrict the amount of images, information, or videos that you upload! This means you can absolutely saturate your page with all sorts of information about you or your business - and you can do so without paying significant hosting fees, which you normally would.

These attractive benefits have no doubt invited the attention of businesses of various sizes to cash in on this opportunity where possible.

And if you are one of them looking for this golden opportunity in the latest wave of the future which is here to stay, may I suggest you get a copy of my MySpace Marketing Secrets?

MySpace Marketing Secrets

41 Pages, Letter-Size, PDF Format, Instant Download

In MySpace Marketing Secrets,
You Will Discover:

* How to create an attractive MySpace Marketing profile!

* The BEST color schemes and ways to decorate your profile and background on MySpace!

* How to create and position your MySpace profile to attract other like-minded individuals by masses!

* How to build your friends list by the hundreds and potentially thousands at warp speed! (Hint: many a guru and band promoters use this technique to achieve just that and it's now yours, too!)

* How to quickly & easily seek EXPANSION in your network... because doing this can offer a HUGE boost to your promotion efforts, business exposure and sales!

* The 5 tools you CANNOT go without in your conquest to MySpace Marketing riches!

* 5 profit-pulling, wealth-generating ideas you can manifest to make money from MySpace!

* What to sell on MySpace!

* How to sell this "free entity" and rake in profits from it!

* How to make money from this social networking site even WITHOUT owning a MySpace account! (In as crazy as it sounds, it's really possible and many people are doing it real quietly!)

* How to maximize your exposure and business promotion on MySpace!

* 5 step success secrets to MySpace Marketing riches!

* And much, much more!

Download Link: MySpaceMarketingSecrets.zip

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What is Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing is the use of a blog or blogs to produce traffic for the purpose of monetizing that traffic. Using a blog to market a product or merely as a means of producing online income is cheaper than using a website, a lot cheaper. This is mainly because of the availability of free blog services that are in many ways just as good as having a website you spent a boatload of money on. Because blog marketing has few barriers to entry, it is an excellent way for a beginner to get their feet wet in the Internet Marketing business.

Thanks to both the human and Search Engine demand for quality content, it's entirely possible to make serious money from creating, promoting, and maintaining blogs. Turning a blog into a cash machine is relatively inexpensive and can be done by anyone who understands the basics of marketing and the Internet.

An excerpt from "The Complete Cash Lovers Guide To Blog Marketing"

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5 Techniques For Generating Free Traffic

by Christopher Stigson
Being able to successfully generate free traffic to websites is your most valuable asses. Most people never learn it and those who do experience something special. What else is 100% “cost free” and can be done by other peopel? Here you’ll learn a few methods to do it right!

People always want more traffic. You should too? Otherwise there’s no point in creating it, right? Getting search engine rankings and free traffic from articles, socialbookmarketing and videos is a skill you should become familiar with. Learn it, master it!

The best thing about articles and GOOD content is the viral factor. Experts who appreciate your article and don’t have time to create unique content themselves.

I’ve never tried just marketing with articles because I don’t like to keep all my eggs in the same basket, literally. It’s death. Not having more than one method of generating traffic is like trying to win in chess doing only the same moves all the time. Or doing the same run on the football field.

You should also use:

* video

* Submitting to socialbookmarking sites

* Use communities like Yahoo, Hubpages, MySpace, hi5, Orkut and more.

* Hundreds and hundreds of huge forums and more.

It requires some time to do all of these things yourself, so it’s recommended you oursource and hire people to write for you. This is an amazingly fast and easy way to reduce your workload.

Some people like to use software and things like that to increase their backlinks and spread articles faster. You can also use software to comment on blogs for instant backlinks.

So, now you know a few of the tricks to getting free traffic using only free techniques, qualified methods and you know how to generate free traffic to your websites.

About the Author:
Christopher Stigson has more powerful tips and tricks on his Internet Marketing Blog. You’ll also learn little tricks of earning $300/day from the internet. Discover the tricks of Internet Marketing Now!

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MyLot - A Review

Get compensated with your ideas thru MyLot!

I couldn't imagine how I feel so glad that I could have an opportunity to earn an extra bucks by just simply participating in a social community discussion board like MyLot.

From my perspective, it's really like hitting 2 birds in one stone, because not only you could share to the world your helpful opinion or ideas but ,as well as , you could reap the rewards of being get paid from the gratitude of the MyLot Company in taking part of the purpose of its existence . It's really a win-win for everbody who are members of the MyLot Community.

For me the most enjoyable and fulfilling part is the free ideas and tips being shared from my topic of interests. I guarantee people out there are willing and serious to help that makes MyLot community grow faster. As of this date and counting there are 127,998 active members already.

Quality posts and replies are always maintained to be the first step in the process of getting paid.
Why?, because the MyLot system has been designed to keep track and analyze a human quality post or replies. I've tried several attempts to test the MyLot system by making some tweaks and tricks on my posts and replies but not successful to. In fact, cut and paste approach would never function in Mylot. This would encourage everybody to be true and sincere in their replies and posts that foster health discussions in the community.

Therefore Quality Post/Reply is equal to high earnings.... No trick

However if your really serious on getting paid high, the best strategy I know to skyrocket your earnings here, in Mylot is just to spread the good words about MyLot to your circle of friends. In such a way you are leveraging your time , because you get paid from your friends earnings by the time you brought them into MyLot community and at once participated the discussions. That's how simple and easy.

MyLot Website Blurb:

Earn Money using MyLot!

We want our users to help our website explode, and to reward you we will pay you every time you use myLot! We believe users are the most valuable asset to the longevity of any website so why only provide them with a service, why not reward them financially?

Our goal is to provide internet users a place to earn money using the web on a day to day basis. It's easy, sign up and start discussions, post responses or comments to current discussions, news or blogs, or refer friends! Referring friends is a great way to earn passive income on myLot. A myLot account is all you need to get started. Click here to open an account.

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Strong Future International(SFI) - A Review

It has been almost 4 years time since I'd been introduced into SFI.

I hardly remember how and where I found it on the net. During the year, I was still a newbie about internet business and marketing. But I got more and more interested and passionated about to explore the great opportunities on how succeed online when I became an affiliate of SFI.
I have nothing to say bad about SFI with regard to their fair marketing and compensation plan for everybody who will indulge into the business. Whether your a newbie or an expert on internet marketing, but their marketing materials and tools are extraordinary and sufficient enough fo you to succeed whatever financial goal you dream for.

Plus a solid support from SFI team for all your inquiries regarding the SFI business. SFI has online support center aside from their active discussion board where I benefited most from the experience and ideas of others who were already successful on the SFI business.

I could best rely of where I am now because of their comprehensive and updated content of their Internet Income Course, accessible for you at no cost upon you register with SFI. Yes, this is the best I could recommend for all internet newbies who want to succeed in the cyberspace. I guess everything is being covered for you to utilize.

Furthermore, you will be trained to be more discipline and dedicated towards realizing your goals because of their psychologically designed - PATH(Personlized Affiliate Training Homepage) that will guide you step by step on what and how you will do the business in such a right way and be constantly motivated to move forward.

I guess even if won't intend to do the SFI business seriously, but trying it to your advantage whatever your plans would be, still a beneficial to you.

One thing to say as of now, I can't afford not to look back with SFI with gratitude.

Strong Future International Website Blurb:

SFI Explained ...in 60 Seconds

First of all, you need to understand that SFI is very simple:
You basically just have to do TWO things:
Refer people to your SFI Website...AND
Teach those you've referred to SFI how to do the same—creating a growing, profitable network for you.

We actually provide you with a variety of Websites (we call them Gateway Websites) that you can start using immediately...at NO COST TO YOU.

Why would people want to go to your SFI Website? That's easy. For valuable FREE coupons and other free stuff! That's right, as an SFI affiliate we equip you with Websites that offer FREE coupons on money-saving deals, FREE books, FREE CD's, FREE seminars, and much more.

How difficult is it to give away FREE coupons and other FREE goods? It's NOT! That's why SFI has become one of the Internet's biggest success stories and why making money with SFI is so simple.

You may be thinking, “But I don't know how to get people to a Website! And I don't know anything about growing a network!” That’s not a problem because we'll teach you everything you need to know. We have extensive training resources especially for Internet “newbies” and we’ve taught people of every age, race, and from every background how to drive traffic to their Websites, make money on the Web, and create a profitable team of fellow home-business go-getters.

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Free Web Traffic

<div><a href='http://www.omnisio.com'>Share and annotate your videos</a> with Omnisio!</div>

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ZenZuu.Com - A Review

Have you heard the rumor of ZenZuu?

I guess in most cases, the answer is no...but I guess you will appreciate its impressive opportunity it brings to everybody.

I got to know ZenZuu upon my participation in the ewealth forum discussion that introduced me to this brand new social networking site apart from myspace and friendster that plans to reward its’ members handsomely by just getting your friends signup under you and most intriguing part is that you could have the opportunity to be a part-owner of the company. It has just moved into Beta phase and is currently free to join in preparation for their great launching by August 2008.

So it's the right price for now to have a look.

I personally impressed of Zenzuu speed and ease of their site. It’s attractive and uncomplicated. This site is a tired Giblinker’s dream! You can search for others in an instant,who needs to spend minutes looking at a blank screen.

Here is the ZenZuu sites blurb:

ZenZuu is a next generation social networking platform that lets you create a profile similar to other ancient social networks, except our leading edge technology allows you to make money by signing up your friends and receive revenue sharing. Seize your oppportunity to cash in on the trillion dollar internet economy of social networking and global commerce with ZenZuu.

Sign Up Now It's FREE!

Connect with a Live Global Community.
ZenZuu gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with a massive global community anytime, anywhere. Unlike other social networks, it allows you to make money just for doing the same old things such as creating a profile, signing others up as well as the ability to take part in its Ad Revenue Sharing. ZenZuu gives you all the standard features you’d expect such as the ability to share your pictures, videos, music and more. Whether you want to make new contacts for business or for pleasure ZenZuu gives you all the tools necessary.

Here is the ZenZuu Advert:

Social Network Sites are taking in up to $100 Million dollars of Advertising/month.



The ZenZuu Worldwide Advertising Revenue Sharing Program is perfect for all the people who could not afford to come into a costly MLM company. Learn how you can earn money by telling people to join for FREE and getting everyone they know to sign up for FREE in our "SOCIAL NETWORK".

Zenzuu wants to share 80% of its Worldwide Advertising Revenue with its active members who join FOR FREE!

ZenZuu has used the power of two to grow its member base… ZenZuu started with the first FREE member, who told others to join for FREE, who told others to join for FREE… In a few months, ZenZuu has FREE members all over the world. Be the first few in your area to promote ZenZuu to build a residual income!

You too can use the power of two to build a LIFE TIME CASH FLOW (Exp: you invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 who invite 2 EQUAL 32,768 FREE members… YOU CAN INVITE MORE THAN 2 … THERE IS NO LIMIT! More ZenZuu FREE members…more ad revenue…more money for us!

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