Traffic Myth: More Traffic Equals More Profits

by: Jason Dolman
At first, this statement screams to you that it MUST be true. I mean, of course more traffic equals more profits ... right?

One of the biggest "myths" of online marketing and Internet promotion is the idea that more
traffic equals more sales -- not so!

All traffic is not created equally!

If you can't make money with 100 visitors a day, what makes you think you're going to do anything more than increase your bandwidth costs when you're getting 1,000 or 10,000 visitors a day?

The fact is, you need to target your message as closely as possible to your desired audience. You don't want to promote items for cat owners to people who only own dogs.

That's why you won't see any PPC ads showing up that offer products and tips on dogs when you search for “cat owner tips” into Google.

The cat owner isn't looking for information about dogs, they're looking for information about their cat.

In fact, the person used in this example is looking for very specific information.

Information that you can use to learn a lot about them and their intentions once they get to your site

They've type in “cat owner tips” and because of that, you already know a lot about them.

First, they're probably already a cat owner. Second, they're looking for some tips about owning a cat.

Just by typing those words into the search engine, this person has quickly separated themselves from those people searching for other information that's much more generic – cat, cat food, cat toy, and the like.

The person searching for “cat owner tips” is someone that you MUST have visiting your site.


They're much more likely to buy something than someone looking for general information about cats

Like I said, they probably own a cat already and want some guidance or they're thinking about it and could use the same information.

They have a question or problem, they're looking for a solution to fix it and are willing to pay for it.

There is a very simple equation:

More Buyers = More Profits

If you want to build a successful Internet business, you must generate more buyers to produce more profits and there are two ways to do that ...

Get More OF Them. Sell More TO Them.

To get more of them, you need to be able to sort the buyers from the rest -- don't worry, there's a way to do that and the example given above is just a glimpse.

To sell more to them, you need to uncover their needs and provide them with offers that solve their problems.

To truly be a successful niche marketer ...

You MUST Flood Your Site With Targeted Buyers

An excerpt from a Report: 7 Traffic Myths by Jason Dolman

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