Blogger.Com in Draft - A Review

Yes, smart guys of Google running the have come to nearly publish their pride new blue color Blogger Logo.That for me signifies a big leap of advantage over others because of such a great enhancements of blogger thru its competitive advanced features being added to.

I personally tried the Blogger in Draft and discovered some amazing enhancements of which I salute to smart guys behind the development

What I immediately noticed was the new term for adding page element, it's already anew to 'add gadget'. I've found a numerous new useful gadgets that you couldn't imagine its numbers, being arranged in different categories such as:

1. Basics (number of gadgets: 19)
a) Blog List - show off what you read with a blogroll of your favorite blogs.
b) Slideshow - add a slideshow of your photos to your blog.
c) Subscription Links - let your readers easily subscribe to your blog with popular feed reader
d) Search Box - search over your blog, your blogroll, and everything you've linked to.
2. Featured (number of gadgets: 1)
a) Blogger Play - Blogger Play will show you a never-ending stream of images that were just uploaded to public Blogger blogs. You can click the image to
be taken directly to the blog post it was uploaded to, or click ?show info? to see an overlay with the post title, a snippet of the body, and some profile
information about the blogger who uploaded it.

3. Most Popular (number of gadgets: 45,959)
a) Search YouTube - A search module, which searches YouTube by tags.
b) Weather Forecasts - Live Weather. View local weather conditions and forecasts provided by WeatherBug. Enjoy a great international weather service right on your homepage. Simply edit the settings to enter your local city
c) This Day in History-This Day in History - daily pick by the editors of

4. Newest (number of gadgets: 44,872)
a) Webmaster Search Engine - Webmaster Resources
b) Endangered Animal of the Day - Every day enjoy a new Endangered Animal Picture. This animals are adorable and must be protected.
c) Claude Monet Art of the Day - Every day enjoy a classic work of art by Monet. He was one of the founders of French impressionist painting and is generally considered to be the most outstanding figure among Impressionists. If you like fine art, you will love this gadget!

5. News (number of gadgets: 1,279)
a) Digg 2.0 - Discover the best news, images and videos as voted on by the Digg community, from the social news website You can now customize your Digg gadget by topic, and view more story information, such as comments and a friend's activity feed. Let us know what you think at
b) Wall Street Journal - Displays a Wall Street Journal front page from (Cheers to Cameron Hall, whose National Geographic POD gadget was used as an example)
c) Reuters News in Pictures - Reuters News in Pictures - Live Updates! (unofficial)

6. Tools (number of gadgets: 4,480)
a. Wikepedia - A Wikipedia Search and Go widget. Language choice.
b. Thesaurus - Thesaurus Lookup using's database
c. Woot!Watcher - Never miss a Woot! again. This gadget will show you the Woot! of the day, or will allow you to track Woot-Off in progress. You can specify keywords to be alerted on when they show up on --------- This gadget was created as a service for the Woot community, by a member of the Woot community...

7. Communication (number of gadgets:1,372)
a. Google Talk - See your contacts and send instant messages.
b. Skype - A free way to communicate with anyone.Skype is only for communication?? I have an idea to use it for reminding your friends. Remind what?? Anything. Sending happy birthday message, conference call, morning call...etc. Try it soon.. please refer
c. TeleMessage SMS Sender - Send SMS text messages to mobile phones (including international) using the fast and easy auto-completion feature.

8. Fun & Games (number of gadgets: 2,827)
a. Hangman(word game) - word game provided by
b. Breakout - A flash version of the classic game of breakout.
c. Air Hockey - This is a very addictive and high quality air hockey game in which you play a tournament against the computer!

9. Finance (number of gadgets: 330)
a. Google Finance Market Summary - 'The original' gadget view of Google Finance's Market Summary. NEW 8/31/2007: Support for Google Finance Canada, and custom height control! Why use my gadget instead of Google's own? More features! So be sure to Edit your settings! Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.
b. Stock Ticker - Live stock ticker, highly customizable. Real time quotes from Yahoo! Finance. Select your preferred indices and stocks and store it. Use symbols used by Yahoo! Finance.
c. Google Finance Sector Summary - 'The original' gadget view of Google Finance's Sector Summary. Why use my gadget instead of Google's own? More features! So be sure to Edit your settings! Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

10. Sports (number of gadgets: 233)
a. ESPN Tabbed Sports Feeds - Live News feeds from Edit the gadget settings to view between 3 to 15 Headlines in each Category (Top Stories, NFL, MBA, MLB, NHL, Motorsports, Soccer, College Basketball, College Football,, Bassmaster, Videos, Boxing, Golf, Autos). Choose long or short news summaries from ESP...
b. Sports Photos of the Day - Sports News in Pictures from Reuters (unofficial)
c. Live Customized Sports Scores - Displays scores for multiple sports, updated live through CBSSports ( Create a free acount at to customize.

11. Lifestyle (number of gadgets: 3,954)
a. This Day in History - Important events in history, brought to your desktop.
b. National Geographic Photos - National Geographic Photo of the Day
c. Top 5 movies at the box office - Get a list of top 5 hollywood movies at the box office this week

12. Technology (number of gadgets: 601)
a. Google Hot Trends - Watch the latest Google Trends live on your Google Destop or Google Homepage! Google keeps track about what people are searching for, updated each hour. This gadget displays these Top-100 search queries and also displays its hotness factor in color.
b. Hubble Images - Hubble Image of the moment
c. Astronomy Picture of the Day

And most of all you could add your own gadget, that's how flexible now and advance blogger has lifted to.

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