Squidoo - A Review

Squidoo is being told as a next door generation BIG social networking site apart from the well-known Myspace gigantic existence. Squidoo is said to be easy to use and, Yes!,so addictive when you get started. Because of its more appealing advance features and a wide-free of customization capability that designed for your advantage and for every members of Squidoo. A constant updates or add-ons of modules are provided for lenmasters discretion customizing their lenses.

Lensmaster is the alias for the one who created lens or webpages within Squidoo website. A Lensmaster could manage several lenses in one account, that can be accessed in a dashboard similar to any blogging provider site like blogger or wordpress.

What is the cutting-edge of Squidoo over other social networking site?

In squidoo your lenses are regularly ranked accordingly as controlled by the intelligent algorithm or formula the squidoo use in ranking lenses.The ranking number can be seen in the upper right corner of the len or webpage. This may rise or fall according to Squidoo's algorithm. They say that the ranking is based on the combination of the rating by other members, the reputation, the click-through rates, the frequency of updating the lens, the inbound and outbound links, and more top-secret elements inside the algorithm procedures.

Basically, your lense or webpage popularity is controlled of how other members view your lense at their perpective of interest. So this would poster a good and relavant content because the lensmasters are disciplined to write up or make a lense that is of interest or passion of other members in a specific category of interests or else they would get a low ranking thus give a poor traffic to your webpage.

Squidoo categorized their lenses or webpages based on the members field of interest or expertise. Some of the categories are Arts, Automative, Business and Finance, Politics, Recreation,..., and World.

Various of modules that are ready-made plug-n-play formats are available for all lensmasters for them to easily customize their lenses. Some of the modules are Amazon, ArtbyUs, BBC, BoingBoing, Buzz Machine, CafePress, Christian Science Monitor, Church of the Customer, Cool Tools, YouTube, Digg.., and Flickr Pictures.

And for some elements of Squidoo, the site would share profit with you - just like the Ads from Adsense, Ebay, Amazon, and CafePress, for instance. So, whenever, someone buys or clicks an adsense' ad, you get a commission, same thus with Squidoo. It's really a win-win approach for everybody!

In fact , a number of my Internet Marketers I know are fun of squidooing - the term they use to pronounce when they make use of squidoo lenses for the purpose of driving a targeted traffic to their websites, thus may in return give them a good profits. They best recommend squidoo as their best alternative choice in terms of an advance social networking site ever existence on the net.

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