ClickAudit - A Review

I have been using ClickAudit since the entry of the year 2008 in my email marketing business. I've been into selling resell rights ebooks for almost a year with the aid of the ClickAudit support.

What is ClickAudit?

ClickAudit provides you a link tracker and ad tracker of your online marketing campaign that would give you a real-time report of the number of clicks of a particular link or ad and other significant statistics to value.

This is very crucial to mine because I would be able to evaluate instantly my marketing campaign and find more effective strategy in my niche market.

For example you could directly determine the number of clicks per day basis as well as the unique number of clicks and its cost per click. What a great help to me!

And most of all it will protect your affiliate links from fraudulence or unethical act of changing your affiliate id or username, thus depriving your commissions to the pocket of others. For example my tracking link of the "$7 Secret Scripts Link Explosion" is

I would best recommend this to my friends who are into affiliate business or reselling e-business.

Nothing to worry about it's absolutely Free! --

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