Ablakeforum - A Review

I don't know exactly what triggered me to go through the ablakeforum discussion board. One thing I remembered was during the time I'd seen the homepage featuring the "Inside The Marketer's Mind with Tony Blake - An exclusive interview series developed for members of ablakeforum.com" which introduced the new free episode entitled: "Donna Fox - Marketing to Women", I got interested to register immediately in the forum for me to have an access to the full episode for free.

I'm very grateful I've heard the audio file of Donna Fox that greatly made me aware and inform that women influence 97% of buying decisions. It's true, whether it be consumer, personal, household or corporate, on average, women are influencing 97% of the buying decisions that are made. This would then helpful to strategize effectively my marketing endeavor.

You may click below to listen to the interview with Donna Fox by Anthony Blake.

(Note: Downloadable link could be fully access in ablakeforum.com )

In order to get the full access of the other incredible free interview series of "Inside The Marketer's Mind". Be apt to register right away to ablakeforum.com.

You could find me there thru my username: Armil F. Velos

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