Is It Too Late?

By: Don Crowther

This is the weird thing... lots of people actually think that it's too late to get the jump on those big name social media sites. They think that you needed to get onboard months or years ago to have first mover advantage. Well, the truth is, most marketers haven't even BEGUN to understand how to use them, let alone hit their true potential.

This is the bottom line: we're talking about a HUGE flood of Internet traffic AND attention... and it's all sitting there, waiting for you to tap into it.

So the real question is how do you market to that starving crowd? How do you put yourself and your business in front of that traffic and that attention?

Well here is the SUPER KEY POINT... and this is why this is one of those once in a lifetime defining moments for you and your business...

It's just like back in 1996 when you could submit your site to Inktomi and get listed that same day...

TODAY if you know the correct strategies and tactics for Social Marketing, you can grab nearly INSTANT traction on these social media sites... the very sites that are collectively getting MILLIONS of new users every month.

As I mentioned earlier, this opportunity won't last forever. It's easy pickings now... but that window will start to close in the next 12 to 18 months. But if you get there now you will have a HUGE first starter advantage.

An excerpt from: Smarts Strategy Guide: Life and Death 2.0: A Quick and Easy Plan for Surviving [ And Thriving ] In A Social Media World

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