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Question: What product is looked for the most on the internet?
Answer: " Information "

Question: What can e-books do to help me to make sales.
- Generate massive amounts of traffic to your affiliate links.
- Drive massive amounts of traffic to your home page.
- Build a huge mailing list in a very short time.
- Form very powerful viral marketing campaign not possible with other forms of advertising.
- Form marketing campaigns that just keep growing long after they were created.
- Make your products into super powered advertising vehicles.
- With every e-book you distribute you can make high commission sales generated from the your affiliate links inside the rebrandable e-books.
- By your customers becoming your sales people, rebranding the e-book with there affiliate links and you making a second tear commission on there sales.

Question: How can e-books do this?
- By selling e-books at any prince you decide with topics covering very heavily search niches such as health information.
- Placing product links inside the books that are targeted to the topic of the e-books.
- Placing a link to your home page in the e-book.
- Have a link in the e-book to BUILD YOUR LIST.
- Turn your customers into your sales people by having a link in the e-books pointing your sales page just like this one, offer this opportunity for whatever price you choice.

Question: How do I get my e-book virus marketing vehicle started?
Answer: By promoting your sales page with some of the marketing suggestions in the list below:
- By using pay per click engines properly.
- By selling e-books on e-bay.
- By using affiliate programs like ClickBank
- By using the thousands of shareware, freeware sites to distribute your branded e-books.
- With the use of low completion keyword targeted sites, hosting your targeted branded e-books.
- Using ready made e-books for the natural health industry branded with your affiliate links.
- Build your own super powered marketing system today.

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