The best keywords for search engine optimization

Keywords for comparing are usually the keywords that work best for search engine optimization. People who use that keyword type are looking for a solution to their problem and they are ready to buy.

To get best results with your search engine optimization efforts, you should concentrate on that keyword type.

1. Do not use single word keywords

Single words cannot be promoted effectively. For example, it is not likely that someone looking for "free accounting software download" is going to type just "software" into the search box.

Avoid the most popular keyword phrases because you'll be competing with millions of other pages for a search engine's attention. It is unrealistic to think that a new website could rank number one on a popular phrase like "mp3". More established companies who have been on the Internet for several years will have the big advantage of a high link popularity.

People who whose multiple word keywords are in the compare or buying phase. They are more likely to purchase goods or services than those using fewer words (source: Oneupweb Research).

2. Multiple word keywords make your website more relevant

Search engines analyze all pages of your website and put them in a context. Start with multiple word keywords and then extend your keyword list. If you're selling MP3 files, you should optimize your web pages for keywords such as "independent bands mp3", "alternative grunge mp3", "80s pop music mp3 download" and similar keywords first.

If your website has many rankings for these keywords, search engines will find out that your website is relevant to the mp3 topic. As soon as search engines consider your website relevant to this topic, it will be much easier to get high rankings for keywords such as "mp3 download" or even "mp3".

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