Driving Traffic To Your Web Sites By Email Marketing

Driving traffic to websites by email marketing is a natural desire of everyone who owns a website. After all, if you own a website you want traffic.

You have made information available, probably written articles and done other things of a creative nature and posted in on your website because you wanted to share it with the Internet community, and therefore the world. But most websites are created by individuals based around hobbies or other interests they have, or around small businesses. Unlike gigantic corporations, these websites don't have a lot of money to use for promotional purposes, so driving traffic to websites by email marketing becomes a major goal of these website owners.

One of the simplest ways of driving traffic to websites by email marketing is the signature line of your email. If, in the signature line you post your URL and a brief description of what your website is about, then it will become noticed by everyone you send email to, and everyone that receives a forwarded email.

If, for instance you sent a joke you found funny to a friend and had in the signature line of the email someone promoting your website; and your friend thought a friend of his would enjoy the same joke and forwarded it, then that person would see your URL as well. That person might have no interest at all in the subject of your website, but might have a friend or relative who does and could pass it on again.

This method of driving traffic to websites is sometimes slow, but often times it works fast. You never know, but it has the advantage of being very cheap - as in free, and requires you to do nothing every again after you create the signature line.

Another method of driving traffic to websites through email marketing is with link exchanges. If you find other websites that cover the same topic your website does, or topics of a similar nature, and offer to exchange links with them they may well take you up on the offer. After all, it provides a free service to their readers and helps them and you.

One great thing about the Internet is people are willing to help each other and in return they receive help themselves. It becomes a win win win situation, since both websites and the people who visit the websites all benefit. An email campaign directed at the owners of other websites to propose a link exchange arrangement will get this campaign going.

Driving traffic to websites by email marketing can also be accomplished through writing press releases whenever you, or someone in your community of like minded individuals have done something of interest to the rest of the world. You can easily write a press release, distribute it via email marketing to online press release services as well as newspapers, magazines and other media organizations, and include the URL to your website in the press release.

Sometimes the press release will be used and sometimes it will not be used, but it takes you very little time to compose the press release and you may have good results. The email addresses to use for this campaign are all available online and through media directories.

There are many other god ways of driving traffic to websites by email marketing, just give it some thought and you'll think of several.

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