The Downline Code

The Downline Code


Learn the secrets of the internet MLM Gurus....
Who else wants to learn the Guru Secrets for Generating Massive Leads Online, Creating Multiple Streams of Income and Exploding Your MLM or Network Marketing Business?

With "The Downline Code" in Your Hands You Will Have Access To The Same Secrets Used By The Guru's Online To Create a System That will Generate Tons of Hot Exclusive Leads, Put Cash In Your Pocket and Have Your MLM Team Growing At A Unbelievable Pace!

Dear MLM Entrepreneur,

Ahhh, the allure of MLM or Network Marketing....residual income, lifestyles of the rich and famous, exploding downlines...

I remember when I first got started trying to grow my MLM business. The night I signed up under a good friend I started devouring the training material provided by my company.

The "training program" basically consisted of this....

Make a names list of 100 people you know, actually the bigger the better.

Get started calling each and every one of them and introduce the business to them.

Hotel meetings, three way calls...etc.

What happened?

I made it through the first 10 people on my list. And then I quit. You see, I had hit my pain threshold. Some people will last longer and some will quit after one "no" - but the cold had truth is that everyone will reach their personal pain threshold at some point.

Then I started buying leads. These leads are generated by companies on the internet that then resell them to people. I started calling, spent hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours - searching for those "good people" that my upline kept telling me existed.

After 3 months and a growing credit card bill I stopped. I stopped dead in my tracks.

I knew there had to be a better way...

So I set out on a personal mission. A mission that would take me to places I never knew existed. I learned from the "Guru's" of the industry. I tested every thing I did.

Then I created a system that allowed me to build my MLM team at an explosive rate, a rate that had my upline calling me to see what the heck I was doing. I could not believe it, people were calling me with credit card in hand to join my team - and I could not stop the traffic if I wanted to.

In this ebook you will learn insider secrets of a true MLM system....

How to generate unlimited hot exclusive leads

Drive traffic to your web site on auto-pilot for free

Make multiple streams of residual income

Sign up new associates without ever picking up the phone.

Step by Step details on how to recreate my system - no secrets!

Full list of resources so you can get started immediately.

Just imagine being the person that gets to walk across the stage at your annual convention next year....develop this system for yourself and you will be amazed at what can happen.

Plus, pick up the ebook today, and you will also get these exclusive rights:

Full Resale and Giveaway Rights to the Ebook!
Professional Graphic Ebook Covers in Multiple Sizes
Custom Mini-Site graphics that will suck in the orders!
Don't delay! Get started growing you MLM business on Auto-Pilot!

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