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We all know the benefits of having a MySpace page and a Web site to help get the word out about your online business or product. But the reality is, before people can come familiar with you and the product you are marketing, join your mailing list and buy your product, you have to find ways to promote your online presence.

Online classified ads Web sites have been around since the mid 1990's. While, these days, there are so many ways to advertise online, millions of people still visit classified ads sites every, single day.

You could be using online classifieds to do such things as:

• Sell digital and physical products

• Build a mailing list

• Bring traffic to your site

• Test ads (for free)

• Link building

Within this e-book you will learn effective ways to an international following by marketing yourself simply by posting eye-catching ads all over the Web.

The benefits of doing this sort of DIY, guerilla marketing can cause a ripple effect beyond your original expectations. You can spend a couple of hours a week posting online and be reaping the benefits for weeks and months after.


• You are in complete control of your marketing plan

• You can use the money you are saving for important offline marketing

• You can do it at your own convenience

• You will be easily reaching people who are specifically searching for information about your product

• If you don't want to write ads or post them yourself, you can hire someone else to do it for you and the cost would still be cheaper than other forms of advertising

How much will it cost to, potentially, bring thousands of people worldwide to your Web site?It's completely free.

For the record, we are about to lay out the various methods professional ad posters use. We do not condone posting in a way that would be considered breaking the guidelines of any Web site.

Don't worry. You don't have to be an experienced writer or a skilled graphic artist to create ads that will get you noticed. Within less than 30 minutes you can have your ad created and be running live.

Are you ready to learn how to tap into this unlimited advertising resource? Then let's begin.

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