- A Review

At first when I was being introduced to from a forum discussion thread, I felt no any sense of using it because of it's simplicity. I thought it's just a way of answering the question: What are you doing?, and I considered it simply a waste of time.

But when I tried to look at it for the second time, I observed the significant and importance of Twitter to my online endeavor. Because even if I just have one follower at the moment I'm so much impressed observing the close connection it might bring to friends, customers, and relatives.

On the other side of the coin, I see this a helpful and great tool for me as an online marketer because I would be able to keep track the day to day activities of some of my successful friends that I admired to and of which I tend to follow their foot steps towards the ladder of success.

Aside from that Twitter would dramatically nurture a healthy relationship among your friends and relatives. You may try it yourself!

And hope we could be friends out there, in order to share more good things happen in our life. Be feel free to follow me at

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