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I'm in favor of recommending you the list of search engines for your free site submission thru the courtesy of the administrator of Here below is just a sample of the search engine sites that I've used into.

1. Burf
2. Exalead
3. Guruji
4. Gigablast
5. Accoona
6. Entireweb
7. FyberSearch
8. MixCat
9. OneSeek
10. WhatUseek
11. Scrub The Web
12. Search Site
13. Infotiger
14. SonicRun
15. Abacho
17. Amfibi
18. Homerweb
19. JGDO
20. Myahint
21. Walhello

The complete list of the search engines enumerated above as well as the direct submission pages would be best found on the blog post at

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