Traffic Myth: Submit to 5,386 Search Engines

by: Jason Dolman
This is one of the most popular advertisements you can find online and it's the one whose probably claimed the most victims.

These ads promise to submit your site to numerous search engines and directories and deliver tons of traffic in return.

Some of these companies even trick you into signing up for a monthly fee by scaring you into believing that you need to constantly re-submit your site in case it gets de-indexed.

The allure behind the claims made by this offer is very attractive to someone trying to get traffic to their site and that's why you'll still see the ad today – because people continue to fall for it.

The problem is ... IT DOESN'T WORK!

There are many search engines, but only a few of them – Google, Yahoo, and MSN – are used by most people ... the other 5,383 will be lucky to get you a few visitors PER YEAR.

Plus, just submitting your site to a search engine or directory doesn't mean
that anyone is going to see it.

Not only are most of the search engines and directories you're submitting to obscure and unknown, but ...

NOBODY VISITS THEM! .. it's just tumbleweed rolling through like the old West!

Real human visitors WILL NOT find your site this way. You're basically adding your website to a directory or search engine database with millions of pages, so good luck having people find your site among the rest.

Even though you should be convinced by now that you won't get any visitors submitting your site using these services, you might still wonder about the search engines themselves.

I mean, that's why you should use these services, right?

To get the search engines to index your site! ... WRONG!

You don't have to submit your site to the search engines or directories to get them to index your site.

The search engine spiders that crawl sites indexing content follow links from one site to the next to discover new content AND to assess the importance of sites ... more on that later.

You just n eed to have links from OTHER SITES -- not directories that you paid for submission -- to get the attention of the search engines.

I would hope at this point you're convinced that paying to submit your site to the search engines or directories is a waste of your money.

But, just in case you're not ... I'll dispel some more myths for you:

You should even resubmit your site too!

FALSE! Resubmitting your site will NOT help your ranking or put your sites back into any index if they happen to get dropped.

You must submit EVERY page of your site

FALSE! Search engine spiders follow links – even the ones on your site. As long as you have links leading them to the different pages of your site YOU DO NOT have to submit every page.

Allow me to make this crystal clear:

You DO NOT Need To Pay To Submit Your Site
To The Search Engines Or Directory Sites!

An excerpt from a Report: 7 Traffic Myths by Jason Dolman

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