Traffic Myth: Guaranteed Top Position In...

by: Jason Dolman
For a long time, I actually fell for these ads myself until I realized the “trick” behind it.

Thankfully, I didn't invest my hard-earned money into any of these offers, but I sure was tempted – and I'm sure you've been too!

Here's the biggest problem with these offers - and it's the same as the
search engine submission ads ...

They Won't Bring Visitors To Your Site!

I'm sure at this point, you're saying to yourself:

“But, they GUARANTEE a #1 position in [insert search engine]!”

Don't get me wrong ... you'll probably get a top position in the search engine they claim, but that's not the problem. Why?

Because in almost every case that “#1 ranking” you get will be for a phrase that no one will be searching for.

The problem is that NOBODY is searching for the phrase that you just PAID to get top position for.

Since nobody is searching for that phrase ... nobody is visiting your site through that phrase either.

Take this example to help make things clear:

You setup a web page and fill it with a bunch of content and make sure that you use the phrase “incredible cat burglar” at least once.

After you get your site indexed by the search engines, go and do a search for “incredible cat burglar” and guess what you'll find ...

Your site in the #1 position! YEEEAAAAHHHH!

It's just too bad the no one else is searching for that phrase and will ever see your site listed at the top of the results.

You'll have your #1 spot, but it doesn't mean a thing if that listing doesn't produce visitors

There is FIERCE competition for the most searched phrases in any niche and it's difficult to rank highly for these competitive terms.

A fact that makes these ads very misleading.

Even if these ads were able to give you top positions for keyword phrases that people were actually searching for, there's still one more hurdle ...

The search engines are always changing their algorithms!

These companies might be able to get you a top position in the search engines – even for a phrase that is actually searched for – but there is little to NO WAY they can GUARANTEE you'll stay there.

No company can consistently achieve top rankings in the search engines for even just semi-competitive words and phrases, let alone give you a guarantee you'll stay there forever.

That being said ...

You DO NOT Need To Pay For Top Search Engine Positions!

An excerpt from a Report: 7 Traffic Myths by Jason Dolman

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