How To Gain More Views and Replies in Forum?

Participating in the Forum discussions is said to be the best strategy in our aspirations to gain more targeted visitors on our websites or blogs.

But, have you consider the following questions?

1. How strategic you are in gaining more exposure of the forums?
2. How many hours you spent in forum marketing?
3. Is there's a need to create a hundred of thread topics or thousands of replies?

If your answer to the third question is "Yes", then I couldn't imagine the hassle of tracking or monitoring your campaign.

Because, personally, I had been bad doing it for the past months and too exhausted myself punching in the good wind of believing I could reap the sweet rewards. I remembered that I had even kept a bunch list of forums and spent more hours of viewing, posting, or replying persistently. Even to the extent that I trained myself to make at least 20 posts or replies daily. Yet, the result is not so rewarding after long hours of hardwork and got banned and registered again and again from several forums.

Good at me because through that experience I had found a good strategy of gaining more views and replies in the forum. Now, I'm just contented of maintaining 2 forums (warriorforum and ewealth) because I'm satisfied with the good traffic it brings to my blog.

What I did?

Simply, do the following....

1. Find the threads in the forum that has a top number of views. Most probably, the first thread just like the "Chilling Out and Program Discussion" thread of and so the like of other forums.

2. In this type of thread, most oftenly the viewers tend to unwind or relax themselves from a different perspective. So, to think out of the box that is not in relation to the forum type of interest. Much better and had been proven thru my experience to create forum topic which is more personal and intriguing that they could relate to. Example in the an affiliate hangout), I created the following topic that I gained a number of views and responses:

a. If you have one day to live, what should you do?
b. Who is your first love? Hehee...
c. What is the best book you ever read?
d. WordPress vs. Blogger

3. Be assured to monitor the replies of the viewers and find ways to reply in return that would bring your topic consistently in the top place of the forum thread. Maintaining 2 or 3 good forums is advisable. And if do it well and consistently, a good traffic will follow it through.

I hope this short info would somehow be helpful to you and I'm looking forward for your ideas and tips nailed by your experiences by just leaving me a comment of yours.

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