Give Away Free Ebooks

Ebooks are books that are made available in an electronic format. The beauty of ebooks is they cost virtually nothing to produce and distribute. Ebooks initially became popular as the perfect format for information products being sold and delivered online, but they have now been recognized as a very effective resource for building traffic.

After you have written an ebook you can give it away to visitors as a reward for subscribing to your mailing list or newsletter. Your ebook for traffic building does not need to be the same number of pages as a full-length book. Many ebooks being used as free incentives are in the range of 12 to 25 pages.

You can even recruit related businesses and web sites to give away your ebook to their customers. The other site benefits because their visitors get something for free. And you benefit because you reach new readers with your information including a link to your web site.

Many ebook authors include a few advertising and affiliate links towards the end of their ebooks which can lead to additional revenue, especially if their free ebooks are heavily distributed.

Author: Daniel Moro, Daniel Moro's Online Business Review

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