5 Techniques For Generating Free Traffic

by Christopher Stigson
Being able to successfully generate free traffic to websites is your most valuable asses. Most people never learn it and those who do experience something special. What else is 100% “cost free” and can be done by other peopel? Here you’ll learn a few methods to do it right!

People always want more traffic. You should too? Otherwise there’s no point in creating it, right? Getting search engine rankings and free traffic from articles, socialbookmarketing and videos is a skill you should become familiar with. Learn it, master it!

The best thing about articles and GOOD content is the viral factor. Experts who appreciate your article and don’t have time to create unique content themselves.

I’ve never tried just marketing with articles because I don’t like to keep all my eggs in the same basket, literally. It’s death. Not having more than one method of generating traffic is like trying to win in chess doing only the same moves all the time. Or doing the same run on the football field.

You should also use:

* video

* Submitting to socialbookmarking sites

* Use communities like Yahoo, Hubpages, MySpace, hi5, Orkut and more.

* Hundreds and hundreds of huge forums and more.

It requires some time to do all of these things yourself, so it’s recommended you oursource and hire people to write for you. This is an amazingly fast and easy way to reduce your workload.

Some people like to use software and things like that to increase their backlinks and spread articles faster. You can also use software to comment on blogs for instant backlinks.

So, now you know a few of the tricks to getting free traffic using only free techniques, qualified methods and you know how to generate free traffic to your websites.

About the Author:
Christopher Stigson has more powerful tips and tricks on his Internet Marketing Blog. You’ll also learn little tricks of earning $300/day from the internet. Discover the tricks of Internet Marketing Now!

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